The vision of Sweets Foundation is to build a better Palm Beach County by providing local school children with educational resources and supplies. Elementary schools struggle financially to provide critical items such as enrichment activities, athletic and recess equipment, after-school tutoring, books, and even desks for kids. Sweets Foundation fills in the gaps by providing these aforementioned needs along with nutrition and health programs, anti-bullying and peer pressure awareness, lab materials, notebooks, art and science materials and anything else students need to maximize their educational experience.

Simply put, the Sweets Foundation is quite unique from other 501(c)(3) charitable organizations. We believe a child’s full potential in school, and building a better Palm Beach County, starts at home. A student’s success is often impacted by his or her well-being in the household. Therefore, our Foundation also focuses on providing disadvantaged children and families with personal goods such as clothing, footwear, hygiene and health products, sleeping bags and even alarm clocks to ensure kids make it to school on time. Our outreach extends beyond the home as well, lending a hand to children who find themselves hospitalized.

Unlike any other Foundation, our Sweets Ambassadors collaborate with schools to conduct the Sweets proprietary research program. We are on the ground in Palm Beach County schools, identifying what kids and teachers really need as opposed to what outsiders believe they need. Why? Often times there are vital necessities that children and their families may be uncomfortable or unwilling to share. Our research and personal involvement can ascertain both unmet educational and personal challenges that may be holding a student back unbeknownst to their school.

We’re 100% volunteer-driven. We’re local serving locals. We’re unique. We’re invested. We are the Sweets Foundation.

What We Do


Volunteers drive Sweets Foundation. We are ambassadors in schools, running fundraising events, accompanying teachers with securing resources, soliciting donations for kids, selling concessions and even assisting other charities in the name of goodwill.

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100% of our charitable donations are redistributed to Palm Beach County schools, youth and families. Our outreach is based upon the belief that a better Palm Beach County is achieved by starting at home - providing kids with the educational and personal tools to excel.

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We don’t assume anything. Our philanthropic outreach is grounded in research conducted with students and teachers to identify acute needs. We conduct quantitative surveys amongst students and personal dialogue with teachers to assess the priorities.

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